Arkas Ukraine Grand Prix

Arkas Ukraine Grand Prix

Corporate go-karting tournament "Arkas Ukraine Grand Prix" took place at one of the go-kart clubs in Odessa this June 13.

It was a nice opportunity for each participant to experience first hand what it feels like being a true racer and to fulfil one’s sport ambitions. 34 pilots competed through several stages of the contest.

The final stage was a thrilling and dramatic performance of the best drivers facing each other for the ultimate battle :)

The race was followed by a reception to recuperate forces after exhausting but joyful event. At the end of the tournament, the winners were awarded with medals and the Grand Prix Trophy for the first place in the competition.

All the participants received plenty of positive emotions and express their gratitude to the management for the exhilarating opportunity to have fun with friends, colleagues and feel the power of team spirit!

We congratulate the winners, wishing them new sporting and professional victories!







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